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1lb Curd-Make mozzarella at home!


Ever wanted to try making mozzarella at home? Give it a shot with our freshly made curds! 

Instructional videos are readily found online, but feel free to call Stefano at our office at 909-865-8301 (or stop by) and ask for tips!


-1lb curd

-2 bowls, one for the stretching process and one for the cooling process. Fill one bowl with room temperature water, the other will be used to stretch the curds. 

-Wooden spoon (or other mixing tool)

-Boiling water

-2 tbsp Salt

-Heat resistant gloves. We recommend using a cotton glove, under a plastic glove to give you protection from the hot water. 



Instructions for 1lb of curd: 

-Slice curd into thin strips (approx 1/4 thick)

-Place in a bowl and add a 1 to 2 tbsp of salt, to taste. Do not add too much or the mozzarella will not stretch properly. 

-Mix using your hands to break apart the strips into crumbled pieces. 

-Carefully add 1 cup at a time of boiling water until about half the mass of the curd is submerged. If using only 1lb of curd, we recommend a 6-8inch diameter bowl. 

-Allow to sit for 20 seconds, then add boiling water to completely submerge the cheese. Don't over do it, as more water used will remove more fat from the cheese, causing it to dry out. 

-Immediately begin bunching the curds together, and begin to GENTLY pull and knead them. 

-After 60-90 seconds of stretching, the curd should become shiny and elastic and you may begin making your desired shapes! Get creative with it, or tie knots to make a traditional Pugliese Mozzarella called Nodini. 

-Place finished Mozzarella into second bowl with room temp water to cool off, then enjoy! 


Tag us in your IG videos/pictures, we'd love to see how your cheese comes out!

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